EVERLON® is a SEBS base TPE, which the middle of it is the Ethylene Butylene rubber and the end of it is the Polystyrene. Through the hydrogenation reaction, it results in excellent weatherability and stability of heat-resistant ability.

Thermoplastic Elastomers (TPEs) based on SEBS. Applications: Computer & Laptop, Cell phone case & Digital camera, Industrial parts.

What is industry - grade TPE

TPE compounds are normally soft and flexible to various applications depending on unique requirement from each application. These compounds are dedicated to wide range of industry applications, soft and flexible TPE can be applied for shoe industry, wire and cable, tools, toys, hose and tube fields, window profiles etc. Everlon accumulates more than 20 years experiences on developing TPE formulations which were mature to be proceeded through injection, extrusion, blowing and casting for making industry parts.

What are the advantages of Everlon TPE

  • TPE is a popular material for tooling, cost effective and less energy consumed to manufacture industry parts.

  • TPE can be applied through wide range of processing methods, such as injection, extrusion, casting and blowing etc.

  • High bonding strength between TPE to engineering plastics, such as POM, Nylon, ABS and PC etc.

  • TPE can be recycled at any steps and re-molded for environmental concerns.

  • Wear resistant & low noise materials.

  • Wide range of hardness available, ranged from 0A to 70D.

  • TPE can be easily dyed or colored for making industry parts.

  • High compression set strength formulations available, maintains the shape throughout its lifetime.

  • High performance TPE can be sterilized under 121°c for 30 minutes.

  • Excellent chemical and weather resistance property.

  • Comply to certifications associated, such as FDA, USP Class VI, REACH and Rohs etc.

Everlon Industry Fields choice

Everlon team focused on developing TPE formulations for wide range of industry fields, researched each material and their pros and cons for industry parts. The series of TA, TC, TS, TZ and TF based on TPE has more advantages, such as ease of manufacturing, recyclability and cost competitive on raw material, stabilize end product and its physical properties for high requirements from industry parts design.

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