Food Package Grade TPE

Thermoplastic Elastomers (TPEs) based on SEBS.

TPE Compounds for Food & Pharmaceutical Packaging?

Everlon team developed TPE materials for packaging industry, EverPeel and EverSeal are used in all major food and healthcare segments throughout the globe, providing clients with the highest performance of packaging deign to wide range of applications. We offered the comprehensive range of material options for your unique design, especially on easy peel film and moisture absorption film for packaging industry.

What are the advantages of Everlon TPE?

Everlon develops TPE materials with the widest selections of peelable property for packaging industry. The peelable film structures provide an initial break force allowing for a clean, easy peel whenever a package is opened. The applications are suitable for food container sealed, easy peel film, rigid cup, tub or tray. EverSeal & EverPeel has a tailored easy peel structure to match any applications. The advance sealing layers are designed for producing high quality food and pharmaceutical packages.

Everlon owned mature experiences in developing various formulations for making optimal easy peel film to seal onto various materials of containers, such as PP, PE, PS and PET etc. Target performances focused on sealability and easy to be peeled off properties from various type of plastic containers and films.

Easy Peel Film Features:

  • Soft peeling allows smooth and easy removal.

  • Non-sticky and leaves no residue on the sealed area.

  • Wide range heat sealing temperature available.

  • Customize the multilayer films as per the requirements of clients.

  • Good balance between peeling strength to various sealing temperature.

  • Compatible with common sterilization techniques.

  • Compatible with the materials from most of the commonly used container, such as PP, PE, PS and PET.

  • Comply with FDA for food packaging.

  • Comply with USP Class VI for medical packaging.

Typical Applications:

For pharmaceutical market:

  • syringes, needles, tubing, wound care, drapes, gloves, medical kits etc.

For food market:

  • Yogurt, drinking water, milk, juice, healthy food, edible oil, ketchup, seasonings, BBQ sauce etc.



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Material Functions

Comply with SGS FDA certification

Excellent sealing properties

Free of PVC and heavy metal

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