High performance TPE overmolding grades : base on SEBS, with good adhesion for double injection.

In the ever-changing industry market, designers develop innovation solutions to address new design challenges as they arise from market demand. Everlon, as one of the leading TPE compounders in the world, accumulated more than 20 years of experiences to develop innovation formulations, which owned a variety of polymer and filler technologies to solve evolving design challenges. Standard and customization compounds from Everlon can be used for enhancing both production stabilization and product performance.

Everlon TA Series, Enhance Product Performance

There are a variety of engineering plastics with significant properties of rigidity and toughness for high performance applications. Everlon TA series designed to achieve excellent adhesion to a number of rigid engineering plastics for overmolding process.

Everlon TA Series Features

  • Soft and excellent flexibility

  • Scratch resistant overmold

  • Colorable overmolding solution

  • Excellent tensile strength

  • Excellent Weatherability

  • Stability of UV resistance property

  • High heat resistance formulations up to 130 ℃ available

  • Excellent oil resistance

  • Excellent adhesion to engineering plastics, such as PC, ABS, PC/ABS, PA, PET-G, POM, PMMA, Nylon, Nylon + GF

  • Custom overmolding TA series that are optimized to bond to your specific substrates

  • Comply to certifications of UL, REACH and Rohs

Typical Applications:

  • Power Tools

  • Computer & Laptop

  • Cell phone case

  • Digital camera

  • Industrial parts



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Material Functions

Excellent adhesion

Good weather resistance

Good scratch resistance

Comply with UL certification

Easy coloring

Excellent resistance against UV light

Free of PVC & Recyclable

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