Flame Retardant TPE for Wire & Cable Applications

Everlon TF series are serving several solutions for wire and cable applications, provide the combination of flexibility, toughness and abrasion resistance for improving safety, insulation and processability. These compounds are suitable for both injection and extrusion molding process for making electrical connectors and plugs, can be used for cable insulation and jacketing for flexible cords.

Everlon TF series offer unique material solutions based on both “with” and “without” halogenated formulations for flame retardant applications. Everlon works with customer to develop a customized solution to meet each specific end-use requirement. Our goal is to provide solutions for fitting demands with high performance, consistent supply and cost competitive with specified regulations.

Everlon TF Series Features:

  • Halogenfre and haloganeted TPE &TPV solutions

  • Nontoxic

  • Low smoke

  • High UV resistance

  • Hardness ranged shore 30A to 95A, Shore 20D to 50D

  • Good tensile strength and elongation

  • Excellent water resistance and crack resistance

  • Easy to color with masterbatches

  • Wide service range from -40 C to 125°C

  • Good adhesion to thermoplastics including PP, PE

  • UL 94 V₀ / V₁ / V₂ listed products

Typical Applications:


  • Cable insulation

  • Cable jacketing

Electrical equipment:

  • Cable connectors

  • Multigate for cables

  • High Flex Life & Robotics Cable

  • Speaker Audio Cables

  • Plug gaskets

  • Grommets for electrical applications



Shore A ;


Shore D


Natural /




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Material Functions

Excellent resistance against UV light

Good flame resistance ,V0, V1, V2

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