TPE for Easy Peel Film Developing

Ever Polymer developed formulations, which offered single pellet with ready-to-use that can be used in blowing and casting for multilayer film applications. The film is suitable for sealing and easy peeling to a range of food and medical packaging or containers, consistent functionality of easy to be open with no tear residue.

Peelable Film Seals in Packages

Peelable packaging is a time-saving concept. It is fast and easy to pack the content into a pouch and to close it with a sealer. Food and medical device package required high barrier properties, seal strength and peel strength are indicators of how well a container is sealed. This confirms leak prevention and shelf life of the packaging.
A well-designed food or medical bags provide effective sterilization, safe handling and storage of contents until the moment the product is consumed. A bag must be properly sealed and protected against bacteria. The design, materials, and manufacturing of the packaging have to be compatible and suit with the regulations associated, such as FDA and USP Class VI.

Easy Peel Film Features

  • Soft peeling allows smooth and easy removal.

  • Non-sticky and leaves no residue on the container surface.

  • Wide range heat sealing temperature available.

  • Customize the multilayer films as per the requirements of clients.

  • Good balance between peeling strength to various sealing temperature.

  • Compatible with common sterilization techniques.

  • Compatible with the materials from most of the commonly used container, such as PP, PE and PS.

  • Comply with FDA for food packaging.

  • Comply with USP Class VI for medical packaging.

Typical Applications

  • Medical devices.

  • Euro cap.

  • Yogurt, water, milk, juice, medicine, edible oil, ketchup, seasonings, BBQ sauce etc.

Multilayer Designs with Different Peeling Properties

Triple Layer Design Adherent Peeling Strength Heat Sealing Temp. Opening Mechanism
LDPE / TM-50ES / LDPE PE, Tyvek1,
Self Sealing
4 – 5 N/15 mm 150 °C Cohesive Peeling
(PE base)
PP film 4 – 5 N/15 mm 150 °C Cohesive Peeling
(PP base)
PP film 4 – 5 N/15 mm 150 °C Cohesive Peeling
LDPE / LDPE / TM-50ES PE, Tyvek1,
Self Sealing
3 – 4 N/15 mm 150 °C Interfacial (Adherent)
Cohesive (Sealing Layer)
(EVA base)
Tyvek1 3 – 4 N/15 mm 120 - 130 °C Interfacial (Adherent)
Cohesive (Sealing Layer)
LDPE / LDPE / TM-55ES HIPS 4 – 6 N/15 mm 150 °C Interfacial Peeling
LDPE / LDPE / TM-60ESC HIPS 4 – 6 N/15 mm 150 °C Interfacial Peeling
LDPE / LDPE / TM-60ESC PET 3 – 5 N/15 mm 150 °C Interfacial Peeling

Triple Layer Design : Top Layer (Laminated with PET film) / Middle Layer / Heat Sealing Layer

TM-50ES & TM-55ES : Nature Color (Opacity)

TM-60ESC : Transparent

1 Tyvek :

Expert Support

  • Customize compound as per your specifications.

  • Technical advice on applications.

  • Support in simulations with blowing processing in cleanroom workshop (Class 100,000).

  • Project-related materials recommendation.

  • Support with comprehensive laboratory equipment and testing options.

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