Enhancing Syringe Plunger Seal Integrity: EVERMedi TPV Revolutionizes Medical Applications

The syringe plunger plays a vital role in the field of medicine, where precision and reliability are of utmost importance. As a critical component of the syringe assembly, the plunger is responsible for delivering accurate dosages of medications or extracting bodily fluids for diagnostic purposes. The integrity of the plunger seal is paramount, as it ensures a secure and leakproof connection with the syringe barrel, preventing any potential contamination or medication leakage.

In medical applications, where patient safety and well-being are paramount, the syringe plunger must exhibit exceptional performance characteristics. It should enable smooth and precise movement, allowing healthcare professionals to administer medications with accuracy and control. Moreover, patient comfort is a key consideration, necessitating a plunger that facilitates ease of injection.

Recognizing the significance of these requirements, Everlon has developed the EVERMedi TPV (Thermoplastic Elastomer) specifically designed for syringe plunger seals. Our commitment to excellence in medical applications is evident in the meticulous selection of raw materials that meet strict compliance standards. The EVERMedi TPV seal offers not only superior sealing and adhesion properties but also exceptional resistance to fluids commonly used in healthcare environments. Its flexibility and elasticity optimize plunger movement for precise dosage control, ensuring accurate medication delivery.

With a range of hardness options, including black and nature color grades, EVERMedi TPV caters to diverse application needs. Our production site, accredited to cleanroom class 100,000, upholds the highest standards of quality management in the medical device industry. By following the USP Class VI guideline on Medical Grade materials, we ensure that our TPV compounds fulfill the stringent requirements for medical applications.

Furthermore, EVERMedi TPV seals can be easily sterilized using steam sterilization methods and ethylene oxide (EtO), providing a reliable and safe solution for medical professionals.

In summary, the syringe plunger plays a pivotal role in medical fields, and Everlon's EVERMedi TPV materials for seal application elevates its integrity to new heights. With a focus on precision, reliability, and patient comfort, our TPV compounds optimizes the seal performance of syringe plungers in medical applications, contributing to improved healthcare outcomes.

Enhancing Syringe Plunger Seal Integrity: EVERMedi TPV Revolutionizes Medical Applications

Everlon's TPV compounds for Syringe Plunger Seal Series offer a range of exceptional features and benefits

Everlon Recommendation : TM-60BOS

  • Superior Sealing and Adhesion: Everlon TPV compounds provide gaskets with excellent sealing capabilities, ensuring a leakproof connection with the syringe barrel. The material's adhesion properties further contribute to a secure and reliable seal.

  • Efficient Cycle Times: Designed for efficiency, Everlon TPV compounds enable short cycle times during manufacturing processes, enhancing productivity and reducing production costs.

  • Free from PVC, Silicone, and Latex: Everlon's TPV seals are free from PVC, silicone, and latex materials, making them safe for patients with sensitivities or allergies to these substances.

  • Resistance to Healthcare Fluids: Everlon TPV compounds demonstrate exceptional resistance to various fluids commonly used in the healthcare environment. This resistance ensures the integrity of the seal, even when exposed to challenging substances.

  • Flexibility and Elasticity: The TPV material offers flexibility and elasticity, enabling optimal plunger movement for precise dosage control and smooth injections. This feature enhances user experience for both medical practitioners and patients.

  • Wide Range of Hardness: Everlon's TPV compounds are available in a range of hardness levels, from 40 to 75 Shore A. This versatility allows for customization to meet specific application requirements.

  • Black and Translucent Grades: Our TPV compounds are available in both black and nature color grades, providing options to suit different aesthetic preferences or functional needs.

  • Cleanroom Manufacturing: Everlon's production site operates within a Cleanroom environment, adhering to Cleanroom class 100,000 standards. This certification underscores our unwavering dedication to manufacturing products of the highest quality.

  • USP Class VI Compliance: Everlon's TPV compounds strictly adhere to the USP Class VI guideline, a comprehensive standard that governs the use of materials in medical applications. This compliance ensures that our TPV materials for gaskets meet stringent safety and reliability requirements, providing peace of mind for healthcare professionals and patients alike.

  • Sterilization Compatibility: Our TPV compounds can be easily sterilized using ethylene oxide (EtO), and steam sterilization methods. This compatibility allows for safe and effective sterilization of the syringe system without compromising the performance of the TPV seal.

By encompassing these key points, Everlon's TPV compounds for Syringe Plunger Seal Series offer a comprehensive solution that prioritizes safety, performance, and user satisfaction in the healthcare industry.