Exploring the Advantages and Applications of Easy Peel film from TPE Compounds in Medical Device Packaging

Everlon is a leading company in the development of thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) compounds for various applications, including film blowing and casting of multilayer films. TPE materials are compliant with USP Class VI certification, making them ideal for use in the medical device industry. Specifically, Everlon's TPE compounds are designed for the packaging of single-use medical instruments, such as syringes, needles, tubing, wound care products, drapes, gloves, and medical kits.

The use of TPE compounds in medical device packaging offers numerous benefits, such as excellent flexibility, durability, and puncture resistance, while providing a secure seal to prevent contamination and maintain the sterility of the medical device. TPE materials are recyclable, offering advantages in terms of sustainability and contributing to a more environmentally friendly approach to medical device packaging.

In addition to their functional and sustainable benefits, TPE compounds have been specially formulated to produce easy peel films, which provide convenience and ease of use for medical professionals and patients. These easy peel films allow for quick and effortless opening of medical device packaging, reducing the risk of accidental contamination or damage to the device.

The use of easy peel TPE films in medical device packaging offers numerous advantages, including increased efficiency and reduced waste, as well as improved patient safety and user experience. Easy peel TPE films can also be customized to meet specific packaging needs.

In summary, the combination of TPE compounds and easy peel films represents an innovative solution for medical device packaging, offering improved functionality, sterility, sustainability, and ease of use for the healthcare industry.

Easy Peel Multilayer Films: Designing a Barrier for Infection Prevention in Medical Device Packaging

Infectious diseases pose a serious threat to patient safety, making the prevention of their spread a top priority in healthcare settings. Sterilization packaging plays a crucial role in ensuring the final product is sterile and safe for use. Multilayer films with an easy peel layer as a barrier structure offer a reliable solution for infection prevention in medical device packaging. This design provides a wide range of packaging options suitable for all common sterilization processes, making it the premium choice for hospitals, healthcare facilities, dental clinics, laundries, and laboratories. The easy peel layer not only ensures efficient and reliable performance but also improves the user experience by enabling effortless opening and reducing the risk of contamination. This article explores the advantages and applications of multilayer films with an easy peel layer as a barrier for infection prevention in medical device packaging, highlighting the benefits of this innovative solution for the healthcare industry.

Sterilization packaging plays a critical role in infection prevention in various medical applications. These applications include:

  • Pharmaceutical packaging

  • Hospital sterilization packaging

  • Medical device packaging

Properly designed and manufactured sterilization packaging can help ensure the sterility of medical products, preventing the spread of infections and improving patient safety.

TPE Multilayer Films with Varying Easy Peel Properties

Triple Layer Design Adherent Peeling Strength Heat Sealing Temp. Opening Mechanism
LDPE / TM-50ES / LDPE PE, Tyvek1,
Self Sealing
4 – 5 N/15 mm 150 °C Cohesive Peeling
LDPE / TM-50ES / PP PP film 4 – 5 N/15 mm 150 °C Cohesive Peeling
LDPE / TM-50ES / PE PE film 4 – 5 N/15 mm 150 °C Cohesive Peeling
LDPE / TM-50ES / TM-35DC Tyvek1
3 – 4 N/15 mm 120 - 130 °C Cohesive Peeling
LDPE / LDPE / TM-60EC HIPS 6 – 8 N/15 mm 200 - 230 °C Interfacial Peeling
LDPE / LDPE / TM-60EC PET, PC 3 – 5 N/15 mm 220 - 250 °C Interfacial Peeling

Triple Layer Design : Top Layer (Laminated with PET film) / Middle Layer / Heat Sealing Layer

TM-50ES & TM-55ES : Nature Color (Opacity)

TM-60EC : Transparent

1 Tyvek :

Expert Support

  • Customizable TPE compounds to meet specific requirements

  • TPE materials are recyclable at any step.

  • Technical advices on unique application.

  • Support with simulations using cleanroom workshop (Class 100,000) for blowing and casting processing

  • Recommendation of project-specific materials

  • Comprehensive laboratory equipment and testing options available

  • TPE formulations comply with USP Class VI certification