TPE materials in Medical Industry Areas

Ever Polymer develops wide range of TPE formulations which materials are mature and highly customizable for medical applications. Raw materials selected from medical grades with high biocompatibility status and compounded under cleanroom conditions. EVERMedi series formulations that have been specially developed for medical device and pharmaceutical markets. Comply with medical certifications associated, such as USP class VI and ISO 15759 as testing standard, comply with YBB standard. This is what makes Ever Polymer to be a trusted partner for the medical industry.

TPE materials in Medical Industry Areas

TPE materials in Medical Areas

Thermoplastic Elastomers (TPE) are suitable for a wide variety of uses in medical fields, the demand is getting high under new requirements being launched every day. EVERMedi TPEs combination of proven biocompatibility, functional performance and processing efficiencies, which offered highly freedom on designing of medical devices.

Typical applications

  • Stopper & Euro cap

  • Syringe plunger seals / gaskets

  • Multilayer films for packaging to medical devices

  • TPE film for draping Da Vinci surgical system

  • Elastic membrane for dental dam

  • Breathing mask

  • Medical tube

  • Infusion bag

  • Bag valve mask

  • Teat droppers & soft-touch grips

  • Extra soft TPE available for medical devices, Shore A below 10

  • Medical devices

Medical Tubing

The trend to apply TPE as substitute to latex and PVC has led to a significant increase in the application of medical tubing. Many advantages from TPE are numerous, such as FDA and USP class VI compliance, easy sterilization and recycling, transparent or translucent, low coefficient of friction. Everlon develops cost competitive TPEs with high performance property for extrusion processing, which have proven their performance in many medical device applications such as drainage tubing, tourniquets, pump tubing or IV set.

TPE materials with sterilizable and Safety for Medical Applications

EVERMedi TPE grades for medical applications are developed according to strict selection on raw material. TM series grades owned the properties as following:

  • PVC & Latex Free

  • Sterilizable with steam at 121° C, 1 atm for 30 minutes

  • Durability and flexibility

  • Excellent compression set characteristics for stopper design

  • Process through Injection molding, extruding and blowing

  • Excellent resealing properties

  • Oil-Free grades available

  • Translucent, transparent & precoloring options

  • Adhesion to wide range of plastics, such as PC, ABS, PC / ABS, PP, PE and PA etc.

  • Free of animal-derived ingredients

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